Life Time, Health Care Platform

'GGSJ' is the service platform guiding smart medical examination with the purpose of helping customers’ future to be healthier and happier via convenient reservation system and faithful health care suggestion.

From Question Mark(?)
to Exclamation Mark(!)

「Stop being curious and start knowing your condition」
GGSJ will turn your question mark into confident exclamation mark regarding on your current health condition

Healthy Lifecare Service For Your Happiness

Promoting customers’ happiness is what we value the most.
GGSJ will repay with sincere care for your trust.

Be Healthier Than Past To Be Happier In Future!

GGSJ endeavors to raise quality of lifestyle by
providing services customized for each and every customers.

Everything starts with people even if Effective Work Process and Optimized System are important. Realization of Customers vision, Creation of Value, Foundation of Success and Growth starts with Sustainable Health Care. GGSJ is your guide from "Health Care" to "Life Care".

Life Time, Health Care Platform

'GGSJ' is supporting our customer with satisfactory reservation system and trustful health care management plans

Enjoy the quality medical experience with various numbers of our partner hospitals
Customized Check-up Items
Convenient Reservation System
Quick Response from Medical Institution
Health Status Comparisons
Health Status Comparisons
Compare your health condition with peers in similar field and age group
Provide health statistics of peer employees
Compare the result with similar occupations
Compare the result with similar industries

* HR : Human resources

* information provided only for those who agreed to provide result of medical examination

Convenient Customer Service
Convenient Customer Service
Enjoy our regular health related information and suggestion
Personally customized 'All in One' package
Recommended exercise, food therapy and possibly forecasted congenital diseases
Inborn disease prediction contents through
DNA Test
Accumulative Data Management
Accumulative Data Management
Health Check-up comparison analysis report by year

From Question Mark(?) to Exclamation Mark(!)

「Stop being curious and start knowing your condition」

  • Too many institutions…When and how will I get the quotation?
  • I am HR Manager and tired of lookingfor those who didn’t do their mandatory medical check-up
  • Too many institutions…When will I handle all the bills?
  • Too much work to handle…When will I be able report the result to boss?
  • Employees askingfor extra welfare service?
  • Where is my examination report…Too lazy to store and cannot find it when needed?
  • This is too expensive…Looking for affordable examination with qualified check-up list?
Press ? For an Answer

Healthy Lifecare Service For Your Happiness

Promoting customers’ happiness is what we value the most.
'GGSJ' will repay with sincere care for your trust

  • Customized Services Adequate services for different customers
    Package offer with employee welfare and industrial estate
    Check-up package with welfare cost
    Essential item offer with industries.
  • Convenient Services From reservation to confirmation
    Organized and efficient data management
    PC and Mobile friendly management
    Optimized with reservation choices
  • Diverse Services Various services for different preferences
    Best reservation service towards employees
    Hospitals & Health center prior offer
    Schedule prior offer
    Item prior offer

Raise quality of lifestyle
with our customized services each and every customers.

Be Healthier Than Past To Be Happier In Future!

Suggesting Examination Direction
Provide evaluated appropriateness of different medical institution
Suggest check-up directions for posterior years according to customers’ condition and need
Utilizing Examination Result Data
Provide statistical data according to customers’ need
Provide report data according to customer’s need
Supporting Company and Group Customer’s Healthcare Management
Check and provide inspection adequate to customers situation
Provide information of institutions for special treatment practices
Continuous Lifecare Partner
Continuous support and suggestion to maintain good health care practices
Checking examination report anytime on platform
Confirm customized statistics with yearly service subscription
Provide big data analysis to help making decisions
Recommend high standard health care program
  • Work Efficiency
    Work Efficiency
    Reduced task
    * Check-up items plan
    * Health check up operation
    * Urging employee with check up
    * Hospital data processing task
    * Managing legal documents
  • Improved Welfare Standard
    Improved Welfare Standard
    Accumulation management upto 3 years
    Affordable and superior items
    Health risk assembly
    Customized health information
    VIP consultation
    Convenient reservation
  • Increased Health Level
    Increased Health Level
    Offering Company Health Report
    * Employee Disease condition status
    → Department, Job Group
    * Stats Comparison within same field
    * Offering check-up direction for next term
    * Offering follow up service
  • Health Care Standard Suggestion
    Health Care Standard Suggestion
    Company Health Statue management
    General consultation Before and After
    Managing condition with Results
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